saltspring island cottage vacation rentals for couples in love and personal retreats
Extended Stays on SaltSpring Island
Long Term Accommodation Rentals

Wouldn't you love to do absolutely nothing for a month?

Or do a lot of things: beachcomb, fish, swim in the ocean, swim in a lake, hike, go on wine tastings, tour artists' studios, enjoy walks in the country, meditate, skateboard, attend yoga classes, enjoy personal growth workshops, have a tarot reading, visit the Saturday market, kayak, enjoy festivals, hear live music, attend the theatre, golf with a Frisbee, golf with a ball, cycle, visit organic farms, take our new bus, learn to tango or to weave, take a writing workshop, or luxuriate in spa time...

Or perhaps you need a home away from home due to...

  • wanting to getaway and write your novel
  • working on a screenplay
  • taking a sabbatical
  • considering moving or working on Salt Spring Island and want to live in the community
  • building your home here and wanting a place to stay during construction so that you are nearby for project management or contracting
  • needing a time of healing and personal restoration

Book a stay at our cottages and explore the possibilities for your personal time on Salt Spring Island:

Long Term Rentals on Salt Spring Island

Our cottages are ideal settings for those who seek long term adult rentals and accommodations on Salt Spring Island.

"Hi Peter & Lynda, This time here was so wonderful, as if it were specially ordered just for us. This felt like where we lived years ago before children and we just had fun all the time. A very magical visit with lots of little surprises, thanks for having this to share with us." J & C
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